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Principal Pay at Further Education Colleges

Cross post from HE Insight:

I’ve once again updated the ranking of English FE college principals’ pay, as the ESFA have recently published new accounts data for 2020-21.

Explore the data in the interactive tool or take a look at the new top 5 below:

I’ve also plotted the total remuneration of principals against their college’s total students, with some interesting outliers from the expected trend.

Further Education

2020 update: Principal’s pay at further education colleges

The ESFA released accounts for further education colleges covering the 2019-2020 academic year a few months ago, so I’ve taken the opportunity to update the Principal’s Pay rankings I previously built and wrote about here.

The top 5 colleges ranked by total remuneration of their Principal are now:

Further Education

Principal’s Pay at Further Education Colleges

The pay of vice chancellors at UK universities often makes it into the news and it’s fairly easy to lookup how much your local VC is earning, with it typically published in a university’s annual report. The same cannot be said of further education colleges who very rarely offer any transparency when it comes to the pay of their principals and senior managers, despite it often rivalling that of universities. Data on principal’s pay is however collected by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and published here, buried in CSVs with over 400 columns that frustratingly often change format between years.

I’ve pulled this data into a small tool that allows you to rank colleges by the pay of their principals. Explore the data here.

The latest data available concerns the 2018-2019 academic year. Ranked by total remuneration, the top 5 are:

Number 1: Cliff Hall at Birmingham Metropolitan College – £322,000
number 2: Paul Phillips at weston college – £318,000
number 3: Gary Headland at lincoln college – £277,000
number 4: Liz Bromley at NCG – £274,000
number 5: John thronhill at LTE Group – £257,000

Total remuneration is the sum of the below:

  • Principal’s salary
  • Principal’s performance related pay & bonus
  • Principal’s Other emoluments including benefits in kind
  • Principal’s pension contributions