w/c 23rd October 2023


A much better week.

I spent much of my time at work picking through dense technical documents, sat in meetings, or grappling with broken code. In the course of that last one I developed a new niche grumble – that it’s absurd to me that the best way to merge two dataframes in pandas according to a value falling between a range is apparently… to not, and to do it outside of pandas.

As antisocial as that all sounds, it was nicely balanced with a healthy dose of top-quality socialising throughout the week. A colleague’s leaving drinks was a lovely opportunity to catch up with old teammates and dinner with a friend visiting the country (along with others) was a real boost. Then this weekend we’ve had some friends staying with us and lots of others kindly joined us for a very loosely Halloween-themed gathering at our house – thank you to all who came.

Exhausted now, and apparently not the only one…